to me, poetry is honesty, simple honesty; it is not to say that all poems or poets are honest, but that it is how I measure them at face value…

poem 106/365:2014

for a moment—I

wished that I could be—meta

physically her

simply to understand

—not a gender dyad

but a sense of why she cries

feel her pain, hear her prayers

ever more to see—myself

selfish reasons I suppose

but to know is not the same

as understanding

but even the thought

of this moment of love

this desire to understand

—is sacredly taboo

The Silence Kept Me…

Freedom As It Happens Cover 2For those who patron my writings and those who will, I have been busy as of late finishing the manuscript for my first book of poetry, Freedom As It Happens, a quasi-biographical collection of poems and prose; it is a journey into the past and present, it is the observation of the obvious and not so obvious, and the struggle of life expressed through the poetics. These poems not only invite you into my world, but begin to invite you into your own world to discover and uncover something long missed or forgotten.

I am challenging your senses and inquiring you the reader to draw conclusions of your own. Each poem is a winding staircase, a poem wrapped in a poem, with divergent pathways to discovery. This is ten years of collected and selected writings and I am certain there is poem in here about you.

The book is now available in print here

Thank you for the patience and indulgence.



When life is not as you like it…write a poem: study it, wait with it, and be as a potter with a mound of clay with infinite possibilities.

honestly, I believe I became a poet because I had a hard time expressing myself, but that is if we go with what I believe; however, it is entirely possible that “I” had nothing to do with it at all.

Poems Have Purpose…

If you learn nothing from a poem, it was not a poem to you in that moment; someday, you will recall and then it will become the greatest poem you ever read.  Poems have a purpose, most of all they are timeless lessons—at least they do to me.